Everybody, I mean Everybody, can draw…

It’s all about scale.

Go ahead, try it. Take a piece of paper and draw a big circle. Now draw a circle half the size. Then another one half that size. Does your circle get better as you draw it smaller? Keep going… until you have 6 or seven circles.

Now try this same exercise with the letter S, or the letter A.

Drawing is really just doodling at the right scale. I learned to draw from the Ed Emberley Make a World books, and I have to say, the man is a genius. His books show you how to create animals, and houses, and cars, with no more than circles, squares, triangles and letters.

But for years I didn’t realize that it’s all about scale.

I worked at a newspaper for many years and during the daily Page One meeting, I would doodle little tiny pictures of cats and characters, small enough that no one could really see what I was doing. Well, I realized my tiny sketches seemed to capture just the right proportions and facial expressions, much better than if I’d try to draw them “full size.”

Fast forward a few years, and here I am with these little drawings turned into colorful small paintings of cats, dogs, houses and flowers. I’ve painted hundreds of these illustrations, and each one is special to me in some way. But what I love the most is that they all start out so simple… just a tiny little sketch transferred to rough watercolor paper and enhanced with acrylic paint and markers.

I encourage you to check out Ed Emberley’s books and try my idea regarding scale… and please, let me know how it goes! Remember, everyone — even you! — can draw. šŸ˜€

Have a great day and thanks for reading about me!

-Bernadette Sheridan




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  1. love your tiny calendars — I think I have ordered them for 5 years now!!! I especially love your cats!!! beautiful work!!! have had several strokes and can’t do anything artwork now — I love yours and can’t wait to order my new one each year!!!! Quincy’sMom

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